Updated: Oct 3, 2021

I've been a landlord 22 years, prior I did welding fabrication, general construction, Landscape design, Security, auto mechanics, prefab concrete, flatwork concrete, fence building restaurant management. My passion is remodel and design for apartments and condominiums. GarlandMay encompasses my passion as well as lets me to pursue furniture renewal and repurpose of real wood furniture. What is your design desire?

Home Grown Idaho

I was born in and raised in Idaho I left for a year when I was still young. This place is home I can't think of a better place to raise kids and to live than Idaho. I've worn many hats professionally since I've been alive. As a landlord I've been afforded the opportunity to rehab and remodel apartments in a way that I believe fetches a higher ROI. So far I've been right.

As I embark on new adventures I look forward to showing my ideas to a broader audience. If you have a project you wish to bring to the 22 century give Garlandmay Company the oppurtunity to show you your dreams.

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